company capabilities

Technology and Specialized Personnel:

Khazar Plastic Company, by enjoying the capabilities of about 30 senior experts and specialized engineers from the most reputable local and foreign universities, possesses technical know-how and technological knowledge on Polymer Industry and has so far, offered the experiences gained during 20 years of production activities, to the industrial society of the country. Meanwhile, operational personnel of the Company, are at least of associate’s degree or technical diploma, and in terms of educational level, our Company has a few competitors in the country

- Equipped with the most sophisticated Plastic Injection, Bakelite

(Phenol Formaldehyde Resins) Injection, and Blow molding Battenfeld Machines,

In 50 to 1,300 Tons, capable of production of parts from 10 to 6,000 grams               

Mechanized Preparation and Feeding of Raw Materials

Equipped with Centralized Preparatory and Feeding Systems

By taking advantage of such system, the consumption raw materials are prepared, dehumified and fed to the plastic injection machines, in a fully mechanized procedure without any contact with the environment, and actually, far from any type of error.

                                                              Khazar Plastic = Assurance in Quality

Plastic Injection Equipment

Provision of all types of Injection Parts in any Polymeric Materials:
-Machineries equipped with European Up-to-Date Technologies
-Mechanized and Robotic Equipment
-Closed Loop Hydraulic System to increase the safety and protection of the moulds.
-Equipment specific for the production with the martials of specific engineering polymers such as Poly Carbonate (PC), types of Ploy-Amides (PA, PA6, PA66), PMMA, SAN, POM،PTFE، HIPS،PBT،EVA،TPE, Phenol,Polymers containing  GF, as well as types of transparent polymers.

Khazar Plastic = A Guarantee of Production with any type of Polymers

Manufacturing Powers
-Production of plastic parts in any type of polymeric raw materials with the annual capacity of 30 thousands of Tons per year.
-Producing of EPS Foam Parts (Packaging Foams), in accordance with the European up-to-date technology with the annual capacity of 9 thousands of Tons.
-Production of thermoset parts
-Simultaneous print on plastic parts in variety of colors.

PLC and Robotic Equipment

Advanced Mechanized Facilities

-The Most Sophisticated PLC Systems in Production Machineries.

-Profiting from the most modern European Robotic Technologies in High Capacity Machines.
-Specific Equipment and Facilities for setting up and operating the most complicated plastic 
injection moulds.

 Plastic = A Guarantee for Production with any type of Moulds.


Cooler Print and Coating Line Equipment

Printing of the Designs and Scripts in Numerous Colours

By profiting from different Tampo Print System machineries, concurrently with the production operations, the required designs, brandings and logos are tampo (pad) printed and offered in variety of colours

Khazar Plastic = Delivery of Printed Plastic Parts

Khazar Plastic’s painting line

Khazar Plastic’s painting line with the aim of producing painted parts in accordance of global standards and using global technical knowledge, was founded in 2015.

This painting line by taking of the best materials and devices is capable of producing 500,000 parts (vacuum cleaner scales) in year.

                                                Khazar Plastic The highest quality of painted part

Production of Packing Foams

Equipped with Advanced Kurts Machines for Production of EPS Parts

-In the EPS Plasto-Foam Section of Khazar Plastic Factory, any type of required foam parts are automatically produced by taking advantage of the up-to-date European technologies and without any necessity for dehydration (drying) process.
 Plastic = Promotions in Packing Systems for Different Products